Wednesday, May 23, 2012

phu's white tee

Hello hello! :) I'm going to admit, I didn't own a white tee till about a month ago which is probably why my remix is the last haha. As mentioned in my introduction, my eyes are instantly attracted to colored tops/dresses and a white tee doesn't fall into that category. For years I've tried on different types of white tees and I didn't like any of them. But hooray! I found this tunic white tee from Zara that is a keeper. :)

white tee: zara; shorts: forever21

bracelet: old navy, toms: nordstrom, belt: forever21

I was super comfortable hanging out with my friends on this day in my remix outfit. The belt I used to tie around my waist is the belt that came with the shorts. I even went fancy one day at work by dressing it up with more accessories and a blazer. :)

necklaces and bracelets: h&m and forever21; toms: nordstorm (instagram: phuphubear)

I hope you readers learned new ways to style your white tee through my girls and I - I sure did! :) 

<3, phu

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