Friday, April 27, 2012

meet this phu :D

Hi! :) I feel so honored to be part of this project because I live all the way in Chicago where as my girls live in California. Even though I don’t physically see them everyday or as often as they see each other, we are always sharing our love for food and fashion together since we basically talk to each other everyday (we actually send pictures to each other while we're shopping so it feels like we're shopping together sometimes). 

The weather in Chicago is unpredictable, basically bipolar. It’ll be cold one moment, then windy, humid, hot, sunny, cloudy, etc and sometimes even a combination of sorts. Come on Mother Nature, please decide! Because of the always-changing weather, I have to dress appropriately so these days I’m always in layers. I love dresses, ruffles, one-shoulder styles, shoes, and lots of color. However, when I am shopping these days, I try to step out of my comfortable box and try different styles. My eyes are instantly attracted to colored tops and dresses so shopping in the spring and summer are my favorite seasons to shop. 

Since living in Chicago, I’ve been cooking a lot more (even though I want to try every restaurant in Chicago). I am always telling my friends that if I had the income to eat out everyday, I would. I have a sweet tooth so I love to bake more than cook but I love learning how to cook different types of food. My favorite foods consist of sushi, Thai, and Vietnamese but that doesn’t mean I'll exclude other types of food. I love food adventures! Feeding my belly with good food is one way to my heart. ;)

I am super excited about this project because this will challenge my cooking/baking and styling abilities.  I hope you readers will enjoy our little baby (flan baby!) as we grow together in our journey with food and fashion and see where it takes us (also, please excuse my awkwardness with my "model" poses haha). Thank you for supporting us, we deeply appreciate it! :)

<3, phu

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