Thursday, May 10, 2012

let's stay together

Mother's Day is quickly approaching. Traditionally, flowers and cards are sent to our mothers, telling them how much we appreciate them. Growing up my family did the whole brunch thing, but later as my sister and I moved away from home it was more difficult to get everyone together. I remember in my first year of college I made arrangements to surprise my mama with a visit. She hates surprises. So I told her the day before. She was so upset because she had ordered a box of fresh fruit tarts to be delivered to my dorm room on Mother's Day. Of course this makes no sense to most folks because I am not a mother, but it's typical for my mama to show her girls love on this day because we "are the reason she's a mother and happy to be one." I might argue that my dad and courvoisier are the reason, but that's another story. My mama dislikes any kind of special attention. She doesn't like to be photographed or bragged about, but let me just say that's she's pretty much the dopest person I know... and I know a lot of dope people.

Actually, I was lucky to see a lot of those folks this weekend when I flew home for a quick visit with the family. Here's a recap in photos to Al Green's Let's Stay Together, my mama's jam. (See how dope she is?)

1. jade bracelet and gold bangles
(found in my mama's jewelry box)
2. simple gold ring
3. rain boots in the last bit of rain
4. sister time in Spring

1. fried garlic lobster
2. belgian waffle with chocolate covered strawberries
3. glazed donuts ;)
4. chinese steamed rockfish
5. champagne, cocktails, and wine to toast a beautiful marriage
6. early mother's day homemade brunch in the backyard

Happy Mother's Day, Mamas!

Let's Stay Together - Al Green

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