Thursday, April 26, 2012

come C about me, C about me baby

I'm probably the least stylish of the bunch, and here's why. I wore a school uniform every weekday in grades "K" through senior year of high school. I love uniforms, though! I'm sure I got at least 30 minutes more sleep than the average school-age girl each morning because I never thought about what to wear and if my socks matched my day-glow leggings and puffy-painted tee.

Now, I'm grown and living in Oakland, CA (but still look 16 according to the security guard at my work place who is sure to remind me EVERY morning.) I work at an art college. So typical office wear is optional and in most cases discouraged. And I consider myself an artist (lightweight.) So I'd like to add pieces of clothing and accessories that show my creativity. I dance hula pretty seriously. So for folks that know what that's really about, I need accessories that can be removed easily. I also work at the farmer's market and babysit on the weekends. So comfort is my main priority.

This is what I end up with most days. Actually, the blue velvet blazer is a bit out of the ordinary. You know you have to remix your style when your idea of "fancy" is throwing a vintage store find over your usual jeans and a tee. Consider this the "BEFORE" pic.

Looking through pics for this post, I was amused by how many there were of me eating. I love my grub! I grew up in a restaurant and worked in one for most of college and a few years afterward. Now I work at the farmer's market. So expect to see lots of fresh seasonal veggies in my posts! (I'll leave the baking to my companeras.)

When Roe says we live, breathe, and dream food she isn't kidding. I once had a dream I was a donut! A bright pink raspberry-iced original donut with beautiful sprinkles and googley eyes! Although I enjoy my food (to the point of wanting to be it!) I lack motivation in cooking it. I hope this blog and these women will help inspire me. I was always taught one thing when it comes to food; you don't have to like everything, but...


See you for my Remix post on Wednesday, 5/16.

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