Wednesday, April 25, 2012

meet Roe, like the Fish Eggs

Hello, friends! and thank you, again, for joining us on this food and fashion journey! I hope that this journey helps me kick up my food palette and cooking skills a notch, helps me define my style, streamline my closet, and inspire all of you.

Who am I? I'm 27 years-old, I've been with the same company for over 5 years, and enjoy them very much. Recently, I've started a hobby that I enjoy immensely, event planning, mostly weddings. I come from a family full of kids, and we've come to the age where our family is growing. I have 2 older brothers, 3 younger sisters, a sister-in-law, and the most adorably, smart nephew.

I love, love, LOVE to eat! and bake! I'm always ready for a new food adventure, whether it be fine dining, a hole in the wall, or in the comfort of my own kitchen. My favorite cuisines? Japanese, Korean, Italian, Vietnamese, and South African (okay, so I've only been to one place, but it was soooo delicious). The meal I'd want to have as my last meal? Bo Nhung Dam (literally translated as beef dipped in vinegar - a Vietnamese hot pot). My mom knew that this was my favorite before I did. Whenever she felt like I was getting too thin, or when I'd come back home to visit, she'd make this for me, and oh boy did I appreciate it!

But what defines my style? I'm still working on that. I guess you can say it's evolved from my lazy days at UC Davis, and my career choice in retail banking. If I had to label it, I'd probably say it's office/classic chic, minus the chic. Lately, I've been throwing blazers over dresses and running out of the house. Although, lately, I am trying to 'finish' my daily outfits with accessories and lip color, currently obsessing with Revlon's Lip Butter. I am trying to branch out into a more comfy laid back style for lazy days, but never feel like I have the right wardrobe to do so. Which brings me to my shopping personality. I'm kind of a shopaholic, that buys on impulse most of the time, but will take the time to make calculated purchases for quality items I really need and want. I've ended up with a closet overflowing with clothes from stores like F21 and H&M, because they're so cheap!! I seriously need to stop. I want to be able to become a person that thinks through the purchases, whether I'm spending $2 or $200. I want a streamline, workable closet, and hope that my fellow FLAN members and readers keep me honest to that. Can't wait to see where this journey takes us! 

Thanks for joining us!

<3, Roe


  1. u are oh so cute you housewife with your leopard heels! ;)

  2. I like roe, and i like fish eggs...cant wait to see what you post.