Tuesday, April 24, 2012

haaaave you met d?

I have the honor of the first flan remix post!

I guess it makes sense to tell you that my daily routine right now includes going to school, spending hours at starbucks doing homework/labs/random projects and/or going to the gym. Which means at the ripe old age of 27, I am still tempted to dress like I did as a student 10 years ago.

I'll give in occasionally (sweat pants, hair tied, chillin with no make up on) but I try most days to look a little more grown up, because I have these other girls to inspire me.

My uniform: skinny jeans/leggings + t-shirt/tank + cardigan/hoodie + boots. Easy peasy. I might get fancy with a scarf or something (pictured below).

Put me in some warm weather, and I'll wear dresses all day, because dresses are the ultimate easy. Living in SF, where weather is unpredictable and on the cooler side, you'll find that I, like all the locals here, stay layered up. I wish I could stand being in heels every day, since they make everything look better, but I'll leave the fancy shoes up to the other girls (ahem.. roe).

When it comes to food, I would have to say my favorites are Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian, but I would never turn down any kind of noodles, chicken wings, or a good burger, or pizza, or thai.. ok lets be honest here..  I never turn my nose at any kind of food. I usually cook pretty healthy, but definitely let myself indulge in desserts, since I love baking, too.

The picture is awkward. Taken from my iphone. I promise to try harder in the future. Looking forward to documenting my journey alongside some of my favorite people! Hope you stay tuned!

<3 d.

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