Monday, April 23, 2012

FLAN: Food/Fashion Lovers Anonymous Nationwide

Hi, everyone! And thank you for joining us on this food and fashion journey!
FLAN: Food/Fashion Lovers Anonymous Nationwide

Food Lovers Anonymous Nationwide at Fizzee's in San Francisco, CA

We, initially, started as just "Food Lovers Anonymous Nationwide". It consists of a small group of friends, both male and female, stretched across the US. As the name suggests, we were brought together by our love of food. We live, breathe, and dream food. However, the ladies of the group always have something to say about fashion, constantly online web browsing, looking for deals and steals. We often say how funny it is that we have the same articles of clothing, but style them in completely different ways. And that is essentially, how Food/Fashion Lovers Anonymous Nationwide, the REMIX was born.
Courtney, Nancy, Diana & Roe: at HOME in New York, NY
Here you’ll find that we take one item and one ingredient, and remix them 4 different ways according to our 4 different styles. Each month we'll choose an article of clothing and ingredient, and you’ll uncover various ways to style and eat them.

Check in with us everyday this week to meet the ladies!
Courtney, Roe, Nancy & Diana at Motif in San Jose, CA

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