Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shakin' it up with kale

A few weeks ago I did a detox. After I discovered I couldn't button any of my jeans, it became clear that I needed to change some habits, and what it really boiled down to was drinking too much and eating poorly. So I decided that for two weeks I'd cleanse my system by going vegetarian and alcohol free for two weeks.

For some reason meat products to me means flesh. Dairy was ok but eggs and fish were out
at least for two weeks. So I was eating: wraps with dried seaweed, inside any combination of alfalfa sprouts, kale, cucumber, carrots and avocado, soba noodles with ginger scallion sauce.  the usual steel cut oats cooked with a lil soy milk and fruit and cinnamon, fig and goat cheese pizza.. etc etc.

One of the things that I've actually still been making semi regularly in the mornings is my kale shake. It's a funny looking sometimes chunky green drink (bc I
m too impatient to let it blend all the way) but I actually like the way it tastes and it keeps me pretty full while Im starting my day.

Im lucky enough to have moved in with roommates that have a bullet. I never knew how useful they are, but all I do is grab the cup, throw in some kale, whatever fruit I have on hand (banana, berries, peaches, nectarines, or plums so far), some soy or almond milk, plain yogurt if I have it on hand, and blend away. Sometimes if the fruit wasnt ripe enough Id add some agave or honey, but that only happened a couple of times. 

If you ever need to shake up your morning routine, I recommend you try this one.

<3 d

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