Wednesday, August 15, 2012


My manfriend gives me a hard time for wearing maxis. He says they look like night gowns. What a dude thing to say about the most comfortable and easy to wear piece of clothing in a woman's closet. I like mine with a print, which makes it hard to wear on the regular, but I feel less like I'm wearing a night-ee. The fit makes a difference too. So opt for petite if you need it and it's available, or throw on some heels or comfy wedges like the hom-ee Nicole (below).
Unfortunately, life got the best of me on this remix. Sorry, FLAN friends. I was looking forward to completing the post and proving the mushroom lady wrong. "Squash-ee," as she calls it, CAN be pickled AND delicious! Here's what I was thinking:

Although, I'm not a big fan of peppers and would probably replace them and the white onions with red ones. I'd ribbon the squash too with my handy Pampered Chef mandolin. I'll have to try again when my stock of summer veggies aren't so flaccid. Flaccid pickles are never a good thing, right?

"Stay up."

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