Tuesday, July 10, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my loves...

I try to be the best friend possible to all my friends, but even I'm not perfect, and friend fail often. :(

2 weeks ago, June 28th, was a dear friend's birthday, and a resident blogger,
Happy Birthday, COURTNEY!!!
She is one of my most self-less friends and tells you like it is in the most loving way.
She is my dumpling for life!
my #1 dumpling love in NYC 2012
Love you, C!!

I wanted to have a dedicated blog to C, but I'd do another major friend/seestar fail if I didn't give a special shout out to my seestar, munkee! aka Monica! Happy Birthday!!

I've known her for over 10 years now, and she has managed to annoy me and love me like a seestar would.  Happy Birthday, you grown little monkey, you!! <3!
never know why we're having a good time, just know that we do <3

Don't fail at being a friend like me, remember to say Happy Birthday to your nearest and dearest, and always remind them how important they are to you, whether it's their birthday or not.

Thanks for joining me today and wishing some 2 very important and special ladies!

<3 roe


  1. happy birthday C and Mon!!! :) hope you guys had a fabulous time celebrating! :)