Wednesday, July 11, 2012

go bright or go home!

Description of Photo
Description of Photo

My earrings are new! Not my usual style, I normally where studs, but when C gave me these, I was excited to wear them everywhere! They're a little on the heavier side, but everything is a little heavier than studs.

I tossed on some usual suspects for arm candy, but have two new additions.  The first is a steel bubble cuff that I picked up for $10 at the UNIQUE SF event a couple of weeks ago from Steel & Stone. They had dozens of cuffs to choose from, some that even accommodated interchangeable stones.  Such beautiful pieces.

The other new piece is that pretty little black and gold macrame bracelet that I got from Etsy seller Dear Dani Designs.  She has so many pieces that I want to pick up, but need to control myself.  Although, they're so inexpensive and of good handmade quality, how can I resist!

When I bought these J.Crew persimmon shorts, they didn't seem as bright, and then when I got them, BAM! They were more like NEON PERSIMMON.  I wore it with a white shirt, blinding, wore it with a black shirt, still too bright.  So I threw on this patterned shirt that had that same neon persimmon color and thought, PERFECT!  Unfortunately, Daly City is foggy town right now, usually you can see the city, but nope, these past fews days have just been a blanket of fog tucking in Daly City, while all the surrounding cities get the heat wave.  So I threw on this military style jacket and my favorite grey Tom's.  Comfortable style, just my cup of tea.

True Story: I put on my shorts and shirt straight out of the washer.  You read me, washer, not dryer :(  I originally wore this outfit on BF's family camping trip, but for some reason when I loaded the pictures from camera to comp, they loaded as black photos!! anyone have any idea why?  I threw the outfit in the wash to clean it of camping dirt, and asked my sister to dry in so I can wear it when I got home from work.  She did not. I took pictures in wet clothes >.<

Jacket: Gap, similar
Top: Kohl's
Shorts: J.Crew
Shoes: Tom's
Belt: H&M from dress
Earrings: Gifted
Bracelet: Asos, Steel & StoneDear Dani Designs,, gifted

Thanks for joining me on my colored shorts remix today!  Sorry, I talked a little too much, but was excited to share the new pieces! Stayed tuned for a peachy recipe this afternoon!

<3 roe


  1. loving this outfit and all the accessories very much! :)

  2. lookin cute bug! those shorts don't look that bright! you look very tan tho kekee!

    1. I know! Don't know how I got so tan! Thanks, bug!!

  3. aww, we both used each other's earrings in our remixes. true dumplings fo' life <3

  4. Great layers and color combo!