Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where My Girls At?

Food not only sustains me but my relationships with loved ones.  So I thought I'd share some of my favorite food memories of the FLAN women.

Korean-style pork belly, yum! Whether it's just the two of us or a group of friends, samgyeopsal for dinner means something special. Sure it can get a bit messy; and the house, your clothes, and your hair smell of bacon for about a day; but who doesn't love bacon?! It's active communal eating in which everyone has a hand in the prep, cooking, assembly, and savoring that makes it a meal to cherish.
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One night we waited far too long for a table, and Hunger set in.
Stage 1: Anger - "F this! I'm out!"
Stage 2: Desperation - "Ah! But I'm so hungry, and we've already waited this long. If we leave now we'll just have to wait somewhere else."
Stage 3: Delirium - Roe can't stop moving and inadvertently choreographs what is now known as the Hungry Dance.
Stage 4: Satisfaction - After finally eating and still in her bib, Roe is so overcome with joy that she bursts out in song and dance with shrimp flying out of secret pockets where she's been hiding some for later and a big finish, "THANK YOU, BOILING CRAB!"
You had to be there. Maybe one day she'll let us post the video(s)...
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Can you tell we like crab? We were obviously very excited to try Fatty Crab in New York, New York.  I totally get why people love it so much, but it wasn't my personal favorite.  Too many ingredients and strong flavors for my simple palate, I guess? However, that didn't stop me from trying EVERYTHING. Phu and I got so full (we had been sampling NYC cuisine pretty heavily that day) that we had to excuse ourselves in the middle of dinner to take a walk around the block.  We held our food babies in shared commiseration only to return to the table for more.  What?  You didn't know there's a separate stomach for dessert(s)? ;)
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What are some of your favorite food memories?


  1. that was the WORST feeling of fullness EVER. never wanna get to that point ever again! but then again we had a chance to walk around the neighborhood together. :) yummmy frozen hot chocolateeeee <3