Friday, May 18, 2012

moola for college and loan$

Happy Friday!!

Since Roe blogged Mint Green Savings, I felt that I need to share how I do some of my online shopping. Like many people, I have student loans (boo to them!) from my undergraduate degree that I, unfortunately, have to pay back. If you have loan(s) from Sallie Mae, Upromise is a great way to do your online shopping because you get a certain percentage back from what you spent that can be directly deposited back to your student loan payment. I suggest comparing the percentage of money you get back on both websites (if you are using Ebates), since one may give back more than the other.

If you're still in college or want to save up for college or your children's college, the amount you get back can be allotted for that. You can also register your credit/debit cards so that when you use it at participating restaurants, you get money back, as well. Get $$ back for eating?! YES PLEASE! Whatever money you receive back from Upromise, you can decide what you want to do with it. How awesome is that?!

Thank you for reading our baby flan, especially audiences in other countries! It's an awesome feeling knowing that we can reach out to people outside of the United States. :)

And just because, another picture of how beautiful Chicago is. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :)

at BP bridge in Millennium Park (instagram: phuphubear)

<3, phu

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