Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year, New City, New School

For me 2013 will be a year of big changes.  I just found out a couple of months ago that I'll be moving to SoCal for nursing school. Not only have I never lived outside of the SF Bay area, I have also never had a place all to myself either. My lifestyle as a full time nursing student will be very different than the lifestyle I've been leading as of late. While it is a welcome change of pace, it's also a little bit daunting hearing from other students how tough this program is. All of my free time will be spent studying, my income will also be minimal, and I will be living mostly off of savings and loans, so this year I need to learn how to manage my spending a little better.

Since most of my money is spent on eating out, one simple solution is to cook more at home. Cooking in batches and freezing single portions so I won't be tempted to grab fast food when I'm too busy or tired will help, too.     

Most of my time will be spent in scrubs, all white with white leather upper shoes. Scrub fashion remixes? Scrubs with hair in bun. Scrubs with hair in higher bun. Scrubs with hair in low bun. No? We'll see. It's a shame, I'll finally have a walk-in closet again, but I won't really need it. 

For now, I'm stepping back from remixing, but I'll update as much as I can. Happy 2013. I wish you all happiness, health, and success! 

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  1. Congrats, Diana! Good luck in nursing school. I would definitely look forward to how you style with scrubs...I actually will need it since I'll be wearing one soon too!