Friday, January 25, 2013

California Love

Although my journey in life has taken me to Chicago for the time being, California will always be home and of course, I will always love California. I will probably always use the word "hella" and have much love for the bay. (Go Giants! Go Sharks! Go Warriors! Go Niners!) D showed us this project a long time ago and I've always wanted to make one. Wintery cold days are perfect for craft days and I finally was able to get the chance to make this California Love String Art and decorate my place. :)

wooden board
pins (cut pins short enough to pin into board, the pins I used were thin enough that I didn't have to use wire cutters)
pliers (used to bend the pins short enough to be pinned into the board)
cut out of state

1. Print out the state to the size that will fit your board and cut. Trace the state onto your board.
2. Draw a heart over the city desire
3. Hammer in each pin leaving a little space in between (some parts of the wood was soft enough to just push in the pins with my hands)
4. Take the string and tie a knot or two around a pin. Next, loop it around one of the heart pins to the next outline pin (I had a hard time stringing so I would suggest going to the link I provided that gives the instructions on how to string). Keeping looping the strings until done.

I used yarn on my first trial and didn't like how it turned out so got some string instead. It's been awhile since I've been able to craft and have missed it. Time to think of my next DIY project. :)

<3, phu

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