Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Flashback Flan-O-Ween

I hope all of you are enjoying a great Halloween so far! and the SF GIANTS Parade if you're in San Francisco.
As a special treat for today, we're posting our DIY costumes.  ENJOY!!

Halloween is a holiday that I want to love so much, but I never really get into it.  I always want to think of a clever costume, but it's never what I imagined.  This year, I totally dropped the ball on it, but last year was my first DIY costume.  I only made the cape, but I liked how it turned out. 
Little Red Riding Hood & Bubble Gum Crayon (yoo hoo, anhie boo)
Last year (and this year... shhh!) I was a mummy. This was one of the most fun costumes to put on, but a little tricky at the end of the night. Not sure exactly how I wound myself up, but while a little squiggly at the end of the night, didn't think of just cutting myself out of the costume haha.
 If you scroll down you will see one of my favorite pics from 2010. It's nice to have talented friends! c did my make up and hair RIGHT before heading out to watch the giants play. You know, right before we won the world series, the first time :)

In accordance with the blazer theme, I had to post last year's Willy Wonka costume. Making that tiny hat was the best part. This is still my favorite, though: Dia de Los Muertos sugar skull makeup that I did for D a couple years ago. I think the skeleton dinosaur makes it ;)

I was never really into Halloween until after college and when I started dressing up, it was all store bought. But one of the best costumes I've ever had was my first homemade costume. I was a loofah with two of my girlfriends and we had a blast. ;)

<3, F.L.A.N.


  1. great mummy costume...I have to tell you that your page makes it really hard to write comments...many of the times I cannot see the comment option unless i refresh it a few times. Just a FYI.

    1. Thanks for always giving great feedback, Eliz. We appreciate it! By the way, that pumpkin your Mr. carved was amazing!