Wednesday, August 1, 2012

something blue and something borrowed. but not what you're thinking.

I have to admit I have not been doing a great job of keeping on top of these posts this past month or two. BUT I did think ahead for once, and I got to shop Roe's closet last week to borrow one of her maxi skirts for this remix. I chose a long blue skirt, and picked a nice sunny day to wear it out with a cream color tank with crochet, a brown belt, and a necklace from c with my favorite animal, an elephant.

It's kind of rare to get much sun in my neck of the woods, so it was nice to soak some of it in before I went to hang out with my sister. It was a nice way to start out a nice day :)

I'm going to do something different with my food remix today and write it I go.. mostly because I haven't been cooking or eating at home much lately... partly because the sink has been full of dishes and I hate cooking with a sink full of dishes. At any rate, I'll see you guys for part 2 soon!


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  2. Great that blue.

  3. u look so pretty and effortless di! i'm sure roey's closet is endless lol :)