Tuesday, July 24, 2012

... in New York ...

In July 2010 the FLAN girls and our friend Nancy went on a trip to New York.  We had a blast eating, dancing, walking, partying, site seeing, and eating.  So I was SUPER EXCITED when just a little less than 2 years later we were on our way to New York, again.  This time with more folks but minus the two Nancies. :(  Despite the different folks on the trip, not much changed...

we chilled on the stoop...
2010 - me.c.d.nancy do
2012 - d.me.c.becka
we waited in the subways...
2012 - the ladies
2012 - the fellas
we ate...
2010 - my dumpling!
2012 - feeding my dumpling (and Happy Bday to Al, the fella photobombing in the back)
we drank...
2010 - soju
2012 - jameson
we walked...
we crossed the street, crossed the line, and even jaywalked...
2010 - @Momofuku
my sister joined me for this trip, too!
all in all good times with the FLAN fam...

and after indulging on this trip, I'm finally starting my detox 2 months later... please support me on my journey as I detox from shopping and detox my insides and replace it with healthy foods!

Readers: Have you done a detox? What helps keep you strong and focused?

<3 roe


  1. how fun! i love how u guys have the same pictures from each trip! :) umm im so not ready for this shopping detox!

    1. thanks, bug! you should definitely go to Chicago in Sept!! :D

      and why did I agree on a shopping detox? you know we're probably just going to make it up when this detox is over :P

  2. Hahah love the 2010-2012 comparison! I have never done a food detox but I did take a non preservative challenge. For 4 weeks I didn't eat anything with preservatives! And well the shopping detox...I do it once in awhile in between seasons...

    1. week one and I failed miserably... haha, it was a stressful monday at work, but I'm consciously trying to eat more greens and less meat. Transition week? maybe next week will be better :D

      Preservative detox?! I don't think I could pay enough attention to do that. Kudos, Eliz!

      Shopping Detox has been so difficult! just had to decide to do it during the rollout of the Fall Season... haha, but so far I've been good and resisting.