Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dear, Summer Sun

I, personally, don't think I'm qualified to post on a fashion blog. So I'm looking at the fashion portion of this FLAN baby as a summer assignment, a personal experiment to develop a sense of style that's laid-back and easy but age-appropriate. I don't want to walk into work one day in a completely new 'fit with people gawking, wondering if I have a date or job interview later. I want to look like me but fANcy. Here's some data I've collected so far:

1. Dresses are an easy go to when you're running late
2. Scarves make things look fancy
3. If all else fails, throw on a belt
4. For easy everyday, pick one or two stand out accessories and keep the rest light
Fresh Corn Salsa con Huevos y Tortilla

I have fond memories of summers with my sister in which I'd wake up, plop myself in front of the tv, and convince myself I wasn't hungry until she got up so that I wouldn't have to cook. Many of her creations consisted of something on top of a fried egg and tortilla. For a while we were on a tuna salad topped with salsa kick. (Don't knock it 'til you try it.) Since then, she has become an even more  impressive cook. So you can imagine my excitement when she came into town for a quick visit last weekend and offered to make me dinner.

At first she was thinking enchiladas. Then she switched to chilaquiles. (She's a pisces, and the most indecisive person I know.) Eventually, she was forced to make the following because I didn't have a can opener. (It's been on my shopping list for about 6mos now.) In the spirit of my haphazard cooking style, she threw this tasty AND HEALTHY meal together using things I already had and things she had picked up for the original meal plan. It was delicious!

Although my summers no longer consist of late mornings and cartoons, it's still my favorite time of year! "Stay you! K.I.T."
<3 C

Summer Sun - Koop


  1. aww no recipe for this? can i share your pic with the mug on my blog? ;)

    1. of course, lady! have you noticed how often niko makes an appearance in my food pics? the moral of the corn remix is to use what you have. haha. this time the salsa consisted of fresh corn (pre-cooked for 15mins), tomato, cucumber, avocado, hot sauce, fresh cilantro, lime, salt and pepper topped with crumbled queso fresco.

    2. oh and onion chopped super fine!

  2. great tips C! :) it's so true! a dress is the easiest thing to throw on when u're in a hurry! u look so cute in your chambray!
    <3 anh
    p.s. u are definitely qualified for fashion blogging! :)

    1. thanks, anh! coming from you, that's a real compliment <3

  3. Love your chambray look, sis! ...thanks for the props on your make-shift dinner, glad you enjoyed it!